Saturday, 31 December 2016

And just like that, Christmas 2016 is over! We wanted to share a few photos from the day as this year was a little extra special for us - we got to celebrate it with both sides of our immediate family.. in our new home! 

Our tree this year! The same as the year before really. And our sad attempts at getting Kali to pose in front for some cute Christmas photos - she wasn't very interested!

My snazzy outfit for most of the day - well, for cooking and then harvesting these beauties! Our lettuce, beetroot and radishes decided to say hello for Christmas and were luckily harvested for our lunch feast. 

Our table this year! We don't actually have any outdoor furniture ourselves just yet - one of the tasks for 2017 perhaps? I'm really keen to make a table for the deck - something large enough to fit all our family! Most of the bits and bobs for our table were purchased from Kmart and The Warehouse! I'm obsessed with Kmart's party section - it's so cool! How awesome are the gold and white chevron paper plates?!

The Christmas Lunch spread! This was lovingly put together by both of our parents (and with the assistance of Bargain Box). There was HEAPS of food - more than necessary really. Definitely learned for next time. We have only just been able to dismantle the ham down with the assistance of some keen eaters and storing a lot of leftover ham in the freezer.

We made our first Pavlova! Super proud about how this turned out - it had the perfect marshmallow-y inside and crunchy exterior! Yum. 

Lastly, our niece had the BEST REACTION to receiving a handmade blanket for Christmas. I made this for her over the year and seeing her little face light up was the best thing ever - seriously felt how the Grinch did when his heart grew. 

We hope you also had an amazing Christmas! Let us know what you got up to in the comments below!

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