Monday, 2 January 2017

The last stop in our whirlwind adventure was the beautiful paradise that is Phu Quoc - a tiny Vietnamese Island off the coast of Cambodia. Our tour guide in Hanoi had mentioned it was an upcoming resort island, modelled off the buzzing delight that is Phuket in Thailand.

We arrived after a super delayed short plane ride from Ho Chi Minh city to the smallest "international" airport I have ever seen - it was the size of Blenheim airport (even perhaps a little smaller) - and then welcomed by our friendly drivers who whizzed us off to our accommodation, the gorgeous Salinda Resort. I've never been to a resort before, and holy hell, this place was an absolute treat. We were welcomed by the staff in the lobby with a complimentary tea tasting while we got all checked in. My personal favourite was the beetroot tea - it was so sweet and it intrigued the taste buds.

After checking in and sculling four different kinds of tea, we were whisked away to our room. We had originally booked a deluxe room which are in the wings of the resort, but to our surprise, we were kindly upgraded to one of the beautiful garden view villas. Seriously, if you do stay here, definitely book one of the villas - it was so beautiful. We had a large living and sleeping area with the biggest bed that I have ever slept in, the worlds largest bathroom with a bath, shower, double sink fabulousness, and our own private garden terrace. I seriously could of just stayed in our room and would of been a happy clam.

As we arrived late at night due to the delay, we got ourselves some room service and spent the remainder of the night watching a movie and experiencing the awesomeness that was the glorious shower - it was so nice to have hot running water with a decent water pressure.

The package that we had bought for our stay had included complimentary breakfast for each morning, so the next morning we had wandered down to the buffet and holy heck, I have never seen anything more excessive in my entire life. There was every single item that you could think of from the traditional breakfast items such as cereal, toast, cooked breakfast options, to the more tastebud tingling options such as sushi, Pho, Congee, deli meats... the options were endless. I became a bit partial to starting my day with smoked sea bass and a glass of watermelon juice - holy hell that stuff was like crack. Pretty much all the weight that I had lost over the trip was gained back just at breakfast.

Our first day was spent in luxury as we pretty much had the resort to ourselves - we hung out by the pool, had a dip, explored the resort, drunk a few delicious jugs of flavoured water, and then repeated the whole thing again until dinner time. Where we headed to one of the many restaurants on site.

Our last full day in Phu Quoc was spent exploring the island - we did a half day tour with a local driver who took us to a waterfall park (although it was dry season) and to a white sand beach. We aren't overly beachy people (which is hilarious because we live in a beachside town) because SAND GETS EVERYWHERE, but it was so nice to walk around with sand that felt like silk and water so clear that you can see straight through it.

Afterwards we headed back to the resort and spent the rest of the day by the pool and ended up with the above photo - this cute staff member was rather persistent with taking it! 

And then this is where the photos end. We ate, we drank, we slept in our massive bed and then we checked out the next morning and started our journey back home to New Zealand (which, may I add, was a hideous journey involving a super delayed Vietnam Airline flight which effected our connecting flight). 

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