Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Our first week of Whole30 is over! Let me tell you, I decided to start on the most stupid weeks of them all - Dylan flew to Christchurch to play a show on Friday and I went out to brunch with my friend, Zoe, on Saturday.

Why are we doing Whole30? I'm sick of feeling bloated and need a kick up the ass, really. I've heard so many amazing (and not so amazing) things about it, so why not try it? And document it while I'm at it. Dylan is also partaking in my experiment, but he's also still having protein shakes like some mad bodybuilder.


Wednesday. Who decided to start this challenge on a Wednesday? Me apparently. This morning started with a delicious breakfast of a fried egg, breakfast patty, tomato and avocado. I prepped the sausage patties on Sunday so that we had something delicious to kickstart this challenge.. and also so we didn't have to stress on a work day morning. Ten points to Hufflepuff.

Made it through to lunch without caving - I'm calling this a success so far. We had a morning tea to welcome a new staff member and there were so many delicious things, but I happily sat there with a pile of watermelon and some grapes, didn't feel like I was missing out so that was a bonus. Lunch ended up being a tuna greek salad - tuna in springwater, capsicum, olives, tomato, cucumber, red onion, avocado and a dressing of lemon and olive oil. Usually I would have this with feta cheese as well, but the olives had my back with the salty (but not creamy) addition. Cheese is my weakness. Sent Dylan a text to see how he was going and turns out he's rather hungry! I on the other hand, wasn't very hungry at all.

I hadn't hit my usual slump that I would by the time that work had finished, I didn't expect to see results in terms of my energy levels this quickly so I've placed it all down to a placebo effect.  Still not hungry but still snacked on some fruit! Powered through a work out session which was awesome as I was expecting to feel rather cruddy.

Still not feeling hungry by the time we got to dinner, but it was still delicious anyway. We made this butternut squash soup from The Movement Menu, but substituted butternut with regular ol' crown pumpkin and added a few carrots into the mix. It was hella delicious and hella holy spicy - seriously, I absolutely LOVE spice and this had me heading for the tissue box. I constantly forget that American chilli powder isn't as strong as ours and should of probably cut back on it a wee bit.

I did start to get a headache before bed which was AWFUL. But luckily it was right before I hit the hay so just slept it off.


Woke up expecting to feel like crap, but actually.. I felt rather awesome. I got up on the first alarm and jumped straight into the shower like the bloody energizer bunny. Breakfast, again, was a fried egg, sausage patty, tomato and avocado. It's such an easy breakfast to make - fry egg, quarter tomato and avocado, microwave patty back to life. Sorted.

Again, another morning tea at work so I brought my new bestie, watermelon, along with me. Wasn't feeling hungry at this stage so watermelon was a perfect refreshing alternative to the sweet, delicious treats that everyone was eating. It is hard trying to suss out morning teas and stuff, so I'm finding it safer to bring my own so I still feel part of the socialness that is work morning teas.

Still not hungry, but still ate lunch anyway.. it just took me a few hours to finish it! I brought along leftover pumpkin soup from last night and showed off my creation to my work colleagues because it smells like a freaking pumpkin spice candle! The soup was even better than the night before.

We headed to the gym after work and this is where I started feeling pretty low - I was irritable and my mood just swung back and forth like crazy over the car ride. Poor Dylan. Still worked out, and in the end I felt a little better because of it.

Dinner was super easy despite it being super late. Tarragon roasted chicken legs, kumara mash, sautéed leeks in chicken broth (I made the broth myself! Proud!), and roasted broccoli - bloody delicious. Had a minor headache before bed again and have decided that this is my life now.


We have made it to Friday! Yahoo! And today I'm feeling pretty awesome despite the fact that I didn't make enough sausage patties to last us both until today - will need to sort that out for next week. Breakfast for me was two eggs, avocado and tomato. Yum. I'm rather glad that avocados are in season because I'm pretty sure they are my saviour for Whole30.

I forgot to prepare my lunch in advance, because I'm an idiot, so the determined Georgina who didn't want to fail on a Friday took her sorry self to Kapai and quizzed the poor girl on everything and made a million swaps on the caesar salad. Spinach, kumara, chicken, hardboiled egg, avocado, lemon juice and oil - probably some sugar in there but I did the best I bloody could. It was also delicious!

Dylan wasn't home tonight so it was a lonely dinner for one, luckily there was a heap of leftover vegetables from last nights dinner so I just heated them up and whacked on a steak for good measure. Dylan had hot dogs because it was hard to find anything else in Christchurch.

I forgot to take photos of my food today - whoops.


I had preempted that today was going to be hard food-wise (I even had a banana in my bag just in case it was) because I ended up going out for brunch with my close friend, Zoe, but in a turn of events.. food was easy. It was catching public transport into the city that was the hard part. When I eventually got there, we made our way to the awesome Egmont St Eatery where I was blessed with a smoked potato hash and a slow egg. Holy crud. So tasty.

As brunch was so late, we didn't have lunch. Had a plum and a coffee at my parents house and then made our way back home to play with our new kitchen device - a mandolin slicer. HOW COOL ARE THEY?! We made homemade potato chips to go with our dinner which was the All Meat and Veg Chili. This recipe is awesome, and probably next time I'll serve it with a baked potato and some guacamole.


Sunday is the day of rest and I've got to say I slept in until well past 9am this morning. I've been having the most incredible sleeps since starting Whole30, I've been sleeping through the whole night and waking up a bit more refreshed than I used to.

We had a lazy Sunday brunch of poached egg, avocado, roasted tomatoes, potato hash browns and a large pot of filter coffee. Yum. Then swiftly headed to the gym. All this extra energy that I've been having has been great, although I have still be a little irritable from time to time because of it - I feel like I should be doing something instead of lying around the house!

Dylan isn't coping as well as I am, but thats probably because he is still having protein shakes (which I'm assuming has a truck tonne of sugar in them) and had his lapse over Friday night. He is contemplating breaking Whole30 already, still eating the food at home with me, but otherwise doing his own thing with snacks and lunches. I'm a little to strong-willed (aka stubborn) to break Whole30.

Dinner was effin' delicious - we made Orange Chicken from the blog Little Bits Of. I added sugar snap peas and broccoli to the mix right at the end and served it with cauliflower rice that had been tossed in a little bit of coconut aminos (side note, how bloody expensive are coconut aminos? $13! And we practically had to use half the bottle!).

Didn't go to bed with a headache, but definitely did not drink enough water today. I have a real issue with drinking water during the weekend - I just forget!


Woke up feeling dehydrated (no shit, just complained about not drinking enough during the weekend) but on the upside.. it is Monday and I'm still in my pyjamas! Hurrah for long weekends! So, because of this I decided today is going to be a delicious concoction of baked salmon, scrambled eggs, avocado and cherry tomatoes. Followed by a day of cleaning and meal prep for this week.

Haven't felt hungry throughout the day, snacked on a plum and have managed to get through most of our meal prep and cleaning. We've cut up all our vegetables (capsicum, red onion, cucumber) for salads, boiled eggs, poached chicken, breakfast patties and made mayonnaise and aioli as a dressing for salads. Got to say - feeling super productive so far and it's only just about to hit 5pm.

Dinner tonight was bloody delicious as per usual. We had homemade sausages (although, we did have to do a pit stop to the supermarket as have run out of eggs already and I found paleo friendly sausages), caramelized onions and my own version of colcannon. We have made enough leftovers for another meal during the week, and probably some might feature in a breakfast or lunch or two.

I do have to say, I am rather sick of drinking water and just want to be able to drink something else.. and by that something else I mean a beer or a pepsi max, which I never crave on the regular. I do switch it up with tea or coffee but it's just not the same.

Dylan has decided to snack non-Whole30 compliant foods, which is his rightful decision (and I'll support him blah blah blah), but the sight of a chocolate bar is just making me want a tiny wee corner. Only 24 more days to go!


Back at work today and I'm rather glad that we spent the whole of yesterday prepping - it just makes life a little easier. Breakfast was sausage patty, tomato, avocado and eggs - just the usual. It's such a super easy meal to make in the morning! I'll probably get sick of this soon and need something else to make, so do hit me with your ideas! I use to make a kumara, salsa and egg bowl that was freezer friendly - I wonder if I could create a Whole30 compliant version of it.

I'm not sure whether work kept me distracted today, but I did not feel hungry at all. I barely ate half of my delicious salad of tuna, egg, kumara, iceberg lettuce, capsicum, cucumber with a lemon and olive oil dressing, but managed to get through both of my snacks - a nectarine and a banana - yum.

Dinner tonight was leftovers from Sunday (also known as day six), and we tucked into the rest of the orange chicken with cauliflower rice. Still not hungry but still had a little portion to keep me going! I've got to say, the orange chicken was the winner of meals this week - especially with the sugar snap peas thrown through it.

Again, another day with no photos taken.


And boom, we made it through the first week of Whole30. Apart from the occasional few moment swhere I was extremely irritable, I've experienced a lot more benefits from it. I've been fuller for way longer (most of the time I'm not hungry at all), I've been sleeping throughout the night, I've been full of energy and I've noticed that my stomach is a lot flatter and clothes are fitting better. I'm going to continue sharing my day-to-day experiences throughout the next 30 days, documenting the highs and lows of my wee challenge.

Has anyone else done Whole30? What was your experience like?

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  1. I'm already investigating this further now that I saw your post. Looking forward to seeing how you go....must admit the idea of giving up creme eggs might be a big ask ;p